As operator of the Fort Hills oils sands mining project, Suncor is dedicated to environmental stewardship and to addressing stakeholder concerns. Suncor is committed to:

  • optimizing water and natural gas use
  • limiting greenhouse gas emissions

Visit Suncor’s 2015 Report on Sustainability Performance Data

The Fort Hills mine design is built to ensure a rigorous reclamation process is followed, with a goal to restore all disturbed lands to as close to a natural state as possible.

The McClelland Lake Wetland Complex:

The McClelland Lake Wetland Complex (MLWC) Sustainability Committee, a task group of regulators that includes First Nations and other stakeholders, has been formed to oversee research on this area. With the understanding gained over several years of intensive water, vegetation, bird and wildlife monitoring the committee is gaining a comprehensive understanding of the unique nature of the McClelland Lake fen.

Employing the resources of the MLWC Sustainability Committee, Suncor is developing a comprehensive operational plan to ensure the integrity of the unmined portion of the fen and is also developing a closure plan so that the MLWC will be able to function long after mining has been completed.

No Net Loss Lake:

As operator, Suncor has also identified an area in the Fort Creek, Susan Lake and Susan Lake outlet channel that would be affected by mine development. Working with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, they created a compensation habitat in the form of No Net Loss Lake. Once operational, this lake will provide an ideal fish habitat, providing an estimated habitat compensation ratio of at least 2:1. 

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