Community & Economic Benefits of Fort Hills

The Fort Hills oil sands mining project will create significant direct and indirect social and economic benefits for local communities, Alberta and Canada. Based on industry averages and similar oil sands projects, it’s estimated* these will include:

Total direct, indirect, and induced effect of Fort Hills construction

  • estimated $10 billion in terms of Provincial GDP
  • $7 billion in labour income over the 2013-2017 construction period

Construction workforce

  • on-site workforce size will vary over construction period (2013 – 2017)
  • peak on-site construction workforce estimated at over 5,000 persons
  • estimated 21,000 person-years of construction employment in Alberta, with additional employment outside of Alberta
  • estimated 16,000 person-years for domestic construction employment on-site
  • estimated 500 person-years construction employment in module yards
  • estimated 4,000 person-years of engineering and other professional employment
  • total Alberta direct, indirect, and induced employment creation associated with the construction estimated at over 47,000 person-years

Operations expenditure and operations-related income effects

  • once fully operational, anticipated $1.5 billion annual spend in operating costs
  • of this, over $500 million is expected to accrue to operations workers and contractors
  • total direct, indirect, and induced effect of Fort Hills operations estimated at:

    • $1.6 billion in terms of provincial GDP
    • $800 million in terms of annual labour income

Operations employment

  • estimated 2,000 full-time equivalent jobs, including:

    • 1,600 full-time equivalent mine jobs
    • 400 full-time equivalent jobs with contractors
  • total annual Alberta direct, indirect and induced operations employment estimated at 4,900 person years

Revenues to government

  • once operational, The Fort Hills project will add to the assessment base of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo and contribute property taxes
  • Alberta royalty payments estimated between $200 - $500 million annually (will vary by year)

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*projected at Fort Hills sanction in October 2013